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Rapid Response Teams

With fully functional QRTs, stationed at specific locations across the city, we provide real time quick reaction security solutions. Our rapid response specialists are always ready to face any situation with
efficiency, through methods such as Scheduled Beat Patrolling, traffic management at choke points, traffic control, crowd management and control where necessary, coordination with Govt agencies go
provide the desired security etc.

Executive Protection

SLV Security extends its expertise to suit Executive Protection Services by providing focused & qualified personnel to your senior executives. From travel and residential protection services, to driving, accompanying and closely guarding your executives our specially selected and trained security personnel possess both hard and soft skills needed to carry out their jobs with high motivation and utmost competence while performing EP duties.

Event Security

Security risks and threats can occur at any time, making event hosting vulnerable to emergencies. SLV security takes up the responsibility of ensuring substantial security by assessing all security risks
beforehand, and preparing to meet unforeseen contingencies at the earliest. We efficiently plan out our security strategies based on the events’ size, scope, and locations.


Each location is unique, and so are its risks and threats. At SLV security, physical security audit is a key factor behind our effective solutions. Uncovering weak points of security in your organisation and identifying the right technology to mitigate it will help our clients safeguard their space, maximising our effectiveness towards their protection from potential threats.

Loss Prevention

Life, health, and property of our clients are of paramount value to us. Therefore, we incorporate the best loss prevention measures to keep our clients safe and secure from potential incidents and accidents. Training our personnel at each stage of loss prevention activities by foreseeing threats and acting accordingly to prevent any loss from occurring at our deployed sites always remains our core focus area.

Risk Mitigation Through Access Control

Based on your goals, risk mitigation primarily involve the installation of access control systems,biometrics for identity verification, maintaining record entry transactions, and adding physical security barriers at entrances, including electronic surveillance. To achieve a secure work environment, we clear all risk mitigating checkpoints, making sure to achieve a seamless transition to work mode for all our clients.

Transport Security

Our commitment to your safety and trust is reflected in our Quick Reaction Teams ability to provide our clients the desired quick reaction security at their site. In addition, we also provide Escort Guarding/Transport Security for security of staff/ workforce of our clients. We do have an impressive fleet of vehicles for our QRTs which […]

Man Guarding Services

Having our personnel undergo the desired physical security processes. We are a pioneer in providing good quality, highly secure, and dedicated man guarding solutions. We have a proven track record of serving various communities/businesses, ensuring efficient site-specific deployment which are customised as per our client’s needs.

Essential Services

Best-in-class man guarding, escort guarding, event management security, executive protection and transport security services backed by a highly trained workforce.