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Risk & Threat Mitigation Solutions

SLV Security customises its services to each location-specific needs, following an extensive analysis of all security risks and threats, both internally and externally. Providing clients with a flexible choice of personnel options, we actively promote discreteness and professionalism while at work within the client premises.

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Risk Mitigation Through Access Control

Based on your goals, risk mitigation primarily involve the installation of access control systems,biometrics for identity verification, maintaining record entry transactions, and adding physical security barriers at entrances, including electronic surveillance. To achieve a secure work environment, we clear all risk mitigating checkpoints, making sure to achieve a seamless transition to work mode for all our clients.

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Loss Prevention

Life, health, and property of our clients are of paramount value to us. Therefore, we incorporate the best loss prevention measures to keep our clients safe and secure from potential incidents and accidents. Training our personnel at each stage of loss prevention activities by foreseeing threats and acting accordingly to prevent any loss from occurring at our deployed sites always remains our core focus area.

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Each location is unique, and so are its risks and threats. At SLV security, physical security audit is a key factor behind our effective solutions. Uncovering weak points of security in your organisation and identifying the right technology to mitigate it will help our clients safeguard their space, maximising our effectiveness towards their protection from potential threats.