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In an era where security threats are ever-evolving, SLV Group, offers value-added security solutions that go beyond traditional measures. Our comprehensive suite of services includes a highly trained Dog Squad for crime detection, expert Event Guarding for physical events, a responsive Quick Response Team for high-risk incidents, and strategic Risk Assessment and Consulting to mitigate potential threats.
We also conduct regular Emergency and Evacuation Drills to ensure preparedness, operate 24/7 Command Centres for constant vigilance, provide a Single Point of Contact for seamless communication, and offer MIS Reports and Dashboards for efficient operations management.With over 1400+ satisfied clients nationwide, we are committed to providing top-notch security solutions tailored to your needs. Experience the excellence of risk management with SLV Securities.

    Dog Squad

    Trained to enhance security reasoning and help combat crime, SLV securities provide sniffer dog squad services, trained to high levels of obedience, and to carry out a variety of tasks in ways like:

    Physical Guarding of key locations
    Firearm detection
    Sniffer duties
    Follow up of leads from traces left by criminals etc
    Mobile patrolling around premises for physical guarding

    Event Guarding

    Physical events, whether small or large, bring security issues that can only be effectively addressed by an expert strategic approach, brought with excellence by SLV Security personnel, who ensure the implementation of highest-level security, without curbing event enthusiasm.

    Site security
    Emergency response at event site
    Strategic safety planning in case of any crisis
    Traffic management
    Crowd control
    Coordination and liaison with local police authorities

    Quick Response Team

    Every day, the best security service is at your disposal with the with the best personnel to handle all your needs in the most effective manner. We’re here 24/7. Just call us and forget about your worries.

    Risk Assessment and Management Consulting for Security Services

    Harnessing compliance processing to mitigate and prevent risk is our forte. We monitor the risks to people, assets and information to implement proportionate risk assessment and consulting services. This will mainly include

    Security Survey
    Finalise and assist in implementation of security procedures
    Risk assessment and Methods of risk mitigation
    Assist in a security plan for your business/site
    Security Advisory services
    Crisis management

    Emergency & Evacuation Drills

    SLV security follows w ell-rehearsed and practised emergency drills, designed to validate crisis management Simulated drills are thoroughly discussed and practiced to:-

    Check training standards
    Test security staff responses during an emergency
    Suggest improvements to ensure emergency like situations are handles as desired

    24/7 Command Centres

    Supported by the latest technologies such as ‘Intelligence Operations Command Centre’ (iOPS), Training Feedbacks through M-Trainer, SLV security command centres are staffed 24x7x365 and acts as an initial link between our onsite staff and our esteemed clients. The staff holds high levels of experience in tracking and responding to your queries and resolving them in a time bound manner. These include: -

    Speedy response to crisis situations
    24/7 Availability of staff at Command Centres
    Efficient operational solutions to handle the crisis/issue/threat
    Close monitoring of our security services at site
    Suggestions to improve overall security service delivery

    Provisioning of Dedicated SPOC (Single Point of Contact)

    To bridge communication gaps between our clients and our staff both at site and back end, dedicated SPOCs are made available to our clients on as required basis keeping in mind the sensitivity of the site and volume of business. This helps in building the desired rapport with our clients, mitigating concerns raised by our clients in a time bound manner and regula r feedback to clients. This has resulted in enhanced levels of client satisfaction

    MIS Reports & Dashboards

    These are customised as per client requirements and made available for our clients to pursue. These enable us to take stock of service delivery standards from time to time as desired by our clients and keep us updated on action points needed to be addressed/closed. PowerPoint presentations are also given to clients from time to time updating them about security services as desired.