Social Responsibitly
      Our People

            Our people make all the difference at SLV Group. Our human resource is our principal asset, so how it is managed and organised is key to our success. To             satisfy this objective we are dedicated to implementing a comprehensive and proactive HR strategy with policies and procedures that ensure all employees are             treated in a socially  and ethically responsible manner.

       Health and Safety
            The effective management of health and safety is a critical business activity. The need to maintain a safe and healthy workforce is a clear priority and we are             continually  striving to improve all aspects of this responsibility. The range of SLV Group's activities means that risks are ever present in the workplace for our             employees, the contractors     we use, the clients we serve, and the general public.
      Quality Management
            SLV Group is passionate about quality. We believe that quality should underpin all of our functions and not just our operational activities. Quality policies and                 procedures are in place to and are regularly audited to ensure that the same high level of service is delivered every time regardless of the external and internal environment.
            SLV Group is fully committed to minimising the environmental impact of activities and products under its control through the adoption of sustainable practices and             continual   improvement in environmental performance.
      Social Security
            SLV Group is committed to the social security aspect for its employees. Monetary benefits including wages, PF, Insurance, ESI, Gratuity etc. are strictly governed by             various statutory clauses as stipulated in the following acts and applicable to the employees from time to time.
            • Payment of wages Act 1936
            • The Industrial disputes Act 1947
            • The Min Wages Act 1948
             • The Employees Provident Fund 1952
            • The Payment Of Bonus Act 1972
            • The Contract Labour Act 1972
            • The Payment of Gratuity Act 1976
            • The Equal Remuneration Act 1976
            • The Employee State Insurance Act.
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