Investigative Services

Fraud investigations are particularly difficult because the perpetrators tend to be professional criminals and/or insiders who possess intimate knowledge of your organization.

We categorize them into the following groups :

Internally Perpetuated Fraud
Skimming - theft of cash or products, billing schemes, payroll schemes, fraud (sales), expense reimbursement fraud, purchasing fraud, and warranty/online game/guarantee fraud

Externally Perpetuated Fraud
Investment or joint venture fraud, check tampering/fraud, false employment information for hiring, mortgage or loan fraud - identity theft related, non-cash asset fraud, and internet fraud

We have categorized the various types of fraud to give you an idea as to the type of experiential knowledge of fraud that is a very real part of our casework. We work with our clients to root out the facts on a case and to bring about the sought after goal. Amongst the various types of malfeasance in the world, fraud is one of the more difficult ones to detect, interdict or prevent because of the intimate or professional knowledge that most fraudsters have of the organizations that they victimize. However, Pinkerton experience has shown that with the methodical application of investigative scrutiny, clues and heretofore unseen "trails" do lead to the answers.

Financial investigations go beyond fraud and malfeasance because there are multiple uses of this type of inquiry. Some clients use our services to make sure that the potential business partner, supplier/vendor, investor or investment opportunity that they are contemplating is of the level and caliber that they represent themselves to be. When traditional credit and reporting agencies are limited in what they can provide and the overall "picture" is still murky, then Pinkerton is usually retained to find out information not readily available. We dig after the real "story behind the story" of people and entities.

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